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Our Mission

The mission of Rehbar Financial Consultants is to enhance Sharia Compliant Value Creation for businesses and investors while bringing them together.

Nearly 500 businesses have been studied at Rehbar so far while investment has been made in just above 50 businesses. Every deal goes through a very stringent process of due-diligence and is executed only if it is found satisfactory on all parameters.

The Process

Rehbar works as an intermediary between investors seeking Sharia-compliant investment opportunities and entrepreneurs/businesses in need of Sharia-compliant financing.

Rehbar’s role in the entire process is essentially that of an agent for which it charges a fee from both parties. Rehbar performs a thorough due-diligence of the business and the business promoter, creates an appropriate deal structure based on profit-and-loss sharing model and presents the investor with a detailed investment report. The deal agreement is signed directly between the business promoter and the investor while Rehbar monitors the performance of the deal post execution facilitating the monthly profit payments and the deal exit.

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